CTRF 48th Annual Conference

North American Competitiveness in Global Trade:
The Role of Transportation

La Compétitivité Nord-Américaine dans un Contexte de Globalisation : Le Rôle des Transports

Halifax, Nova Scotia
June 10 juin-June 12 juin ,

Papers are organized by conference session.

Opening Plenary Session: Present & Future Trends

Moderator: Vijay Gill, President, CTRF


  • David Oxner, Executive Director, Nova Scotia Gateway Secretariat
  • Michael Campbell, Chief Issues Management, Air Cargo Security, Transport Canada
  • Jean-Marc Picard, Executive Director, Atlantic Provinces Trucking Association
  • Wayne Smith, Senior Vice President Commercial, Algoma Central Corporation


Session 1: Air Pricing & Productivity

Chair: Vijay Gill

  • Alexander Gregory – The productivity performance of the Canadian airline industry
  • Jeffrey Peter, Lawrence McKeown –  Factors influencing airline passenger fares in Canada
  • Laura Adkins-Hackett – Cost of taking off: An emperical study on the determinants of air fares in Canada

Session II : Finance & Investment

Chair: Nick Mulder

  • Barry Prentice, Nirbir Grewal, Bryce Doell, Matt Adaman – Cargo airships versus all weather roads – A cost comparison
  • Christopher Wright – Ferries and the economy of South West Nova Scotia
  • Hanna Maoh, William Anderson, Shakil Khan – Assessing the impacts of a major highway infrastructure project: The Windsor-Essex Parkway

Session III: Freight & Goods Movement

Chair: Marc-André Roy

  • Garland Chow – How competitive is Canada’s freight system?
  • M.G. Foomani, L. Amador, A.H. Khodabakhshi – Multi-objective speed optimization for heavy good vehicles in interrupted transportation networks
  • Claude Sirois, Jean-François Arsenault – Multimodal study on freight transportation in Quebec

Plenary Session: Canada/U.S./Global Trade

Moderator: Daniel Lynch, Centre for International Trade and Transportation, Dalhousie University


  • Patrick Bohan, Manager of Business Development, Halifax Port Authority
  • AnnMarie Schneider, Director, Canadian Studies Centre, Michigan State University
  • Peter Anastor, Senior Policy Director, Michigan Economic Development Corporation
  • Brad Doell, VP Supply Chain & Procurement, and Steve Power, Senior Manager, Supply Chain, Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation

Session IV: Borders & Gateways

Chair: Garland Chow

Session V: Motor Carrier Issues

Chair: Phil Davies

  • Ralph Craft – Determining motor carrier accountability for crashes in the United States
  • Malvika Rudra, Matthew J. Roorda – Truck-only lanes on urban arterials: A value of time approach
  • Toka S. Mostafa, Matthew J. Roorda, Taha H. Rashidi – A structural equation model of commercial vehicle ownership

Session VI: Roadway Management

Chair: Mark Hemmes

  • Denis Paradis, James Christie, Eric Hildebrand – Implications for traffic sign management given proposed minimum retroreflectivity guidelines for Canada
  • Md. Shohel Reza Amin, Luis Amador, William Reimer, Umma Tamima – Prediction of inter-provincial trade flow traffic to support multicriteria pavement management

Plenary Session: Urban Encroachment & Social License

Moderator: James Frost, MariNova Consulting Ltd.


  • Tom Oommen, Director, Surface Freight Policy, Transport Canada
  • Jean D. Patenaude, Assistant General Counsel, Canadian National
  • Colin MacLean, President & CEO, Waterfront Development Corporation Ltd.
  • Michael Healy, VP Infrastructure & Commercial Development, Halifax International Airport Authority
  • David McCusker, Manager, Strategic Transportation Planning Group, Halifax Regional Municipality

Session VII: Rail Service & Costing

Chair: Malcolm Cairns

  • André Pretto, Joseph F. Schulman – Understanding “reasonableness” in rail level-of-service disputes
  • Paul R. Sando – Railroads, adaptability, competition and the shuttle train (or food, crude and the railroads)
  • Ryan Gallagher, François E.J. Tougas – The disclosure of rail carrier costing information

Session VIII: Shipping Opportunities

Chair: Lloyd Ash

  • Manon Turmel, Emmanuel Guy, Frédéric Lasserre – Marine carriers’ business model and development in the Canadian Arctic
  • Mark Hemmes – Containerization of bulk products: The case of grain in Canada
  • Barry Prentice, Jake Kosior – Containerization of grain: Theory and practice



Session IX: Traffic Flow Issues

Chair: Dan Lynch

  • Gordon G. Baldwin – Some observations on illegal U-turn activity
  • Md. Shohel Reza Amin, Ciprian Alecsandru, Luis Esteban Amador-Jiménez – Micro-simulation of gap acceptance by turning vehicles at a signalized intersection in a university campus
  • Xiaolei Guo – Sequential toll implementation to guide network flow evolution under bounded rationality



Session X: Sustainability & Climate Change

Chair: John Lawson

  • Bradley Hull – The St Lawrence Seaway: An efficient but rarely used route
  • Ana Yanes, Grant Guenther – Allocating carbon emissions from oceangoing vessels
  • Adolf K.Y. Ng, Austin Becker, Martin Fischer – A theoretical discussion on climate change, port adaptation strategies and institutions


Session XI: Multimodal

Chair: Andrew Elliott

  • Malcolm Cairns – Crude oil by rail: Parts I & II: Potential for the movement of Alberta Oil Sands crude oil and related products by Canadian railways

Session XII: Societal Impacts

Chair: Gord Baldwin
Ronald D. Copeland, Louis A. Le Blanc – Online vehicle auctions: eBay, AutoTrader, Craigslist and beyond

Georgiana Madar, Hanna Maoh – Vehicle type choice and demographic relationships: An application to the Windsor Region, Ontario, Canada

David Stambrook – Obesity and urban transport

Panel Session: Canadian Freight Transportation Research Program (CFTRP)

Chair: Marc-André Roy, Vice President, CPCS Transcom

  • Matthew Roorda, Associate Professor, University of Toronto – Download presentation here
  • Jean-Paul Rodrigue, Professor, Hofstra University- Download presentation here
  • Bob Armstrong, President, Armstrong Trade & Logistics Advisory Services Inc

Panel Session: Port & Supply Chain Performance at Canadian Ports

Moderator: Patrick Bohan, Manager of Business Development, Halifax Port Authority

  • Alex Gregory, Policy & Economic Officer, Transport Canada
  • Mary R. Brooks, Professor, Dalhousie University – Download presentation here
  • Pierre Arsenault, General Manager, Intermodal Operations, CN

Presented at the Atlantic Provinces Transportation Forum

William P. Anderson and Sarah M. Dunphy
Economic development around intermodal facilities in Canada