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Bison Transport Debate

The Bison Transport Debate is one of the most enjoyable and popular events at our Annual Conference. Conducting a debate in conjunction with the 1996 CTRF Conference was the brainchild of Dr. Barry Prentice. Barry deserves full marks for arranging the sponsorship of Bison Transport including the provision of the unique trophy. Barry has presided at all but four of the annual debates to date. Twice Barry vacated the chair in deference to John Robinson of St. John’s Ravenscourt School in Winnipeg. Barry has debated on two occasions. His record is 1 lucky win and 1 decisive loss.

Ingredients of the Debate include; a sponsor, two 2-member teams, a thesis (hypothesis, premise, resolution), rules of engagement, a moderator, a timekeeper, an audience jury, and beverage alcohol.

The Bison Transport Debate is purported to be a formal Oxford-style debate based on the British Parliamentary system. You’re invited to be one of the judges.

Bison Transport’s continuing sponsorship of this CTRF Conference highlight is acknowledged and appreciated. CTRF is pleased to be affiliated with Bison Transport in this endeavour. Bison Transport has received awards for Fleet Safety, Outstanding Innovation, Environmental Excellence, Energy Efficiency, and Outstanding Achievement in Sustainability, as well as being named Shipper’s Choice and one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies, more than once. Bison has been named North America’s Safest Fleet for five consecutive years.

For a history of the debates including participants and themes – click on the link below.

Bison Transport Debate History