CTRF 44th Annual Conference

The Impact of Volatility of Canada’s Supply Chains and Transportation
L’impact de la volatilite sur les transports et les chaines d’approvisionnement

May 24 – 27, 2009
Victoria, British Columbia

Papers & Presentations

Papers and Presentations are organized by conference session. Conference presentations are posted with the authors’ permission. Only those which are available and for which we have permission to post, are actively linked to the presentation.


Opening Plenary Session – Presentations Only: Supply Chain Strategies in Volatile Times:

Moderator: Garland Chow, University of British Columbia



I. Safety I


II. Special Topics


III. Logistics


IV. Urban Transportation

Plenary Session: – Presentations Only Competitive Access in a Volatile Environment

Moderator: Paul Ouimet, InterVISTAS


V. Safety II

VI. Short Sea Shipping/Logistics

VII. Gateways & Corridors

VIII. Data and Modelling

 IX. Environment I

X. Trucking

XI. Security

XII. Environment II

XIII. Economics

 XIV. Border

 XV. Policy

 XVI. Rail


CTRF 2007-2008 Student Paper Competition Award Winning Papers

Past Presidents Award, First Prize, Undergraduate Category

Paul Grosman – Exploring Ways of Reducing Moose-vehicle Collisions Through the Use of an Agent-based Modelling Computer Simulation

Jim Davey Award, First Prize, PhD Category

Amir Golroo – Use of Soft Computing Applications to Model Pervious Concrete Pavement Structure in Cold Climates