CTRF 43rd Annual Conference

Shaking Up Canada’s Transportation Systems to Meet Future Needs

Secouer les systemes de transports au Canada pour faire face aux besoins futurs

June 1 – 4, 2008
Fredericton, New Brunswick

Papers & Presentations

Papers and Presentations are organized by conference session. Conference presentations are posted with the authors’ permission. Only those which are available and for which we have permission to post, are actively linked to the presentation.

Opening Plenary Session – Presentations Only: Shaking up Canada’s Transportation Systems to Meet Future Needs

Moderator: Nick Mulder, Former Deputy Minister of Transport Canada and Current Policy Consultant


I. Transportation Issues

II. Transportation Costs

III. Trucker’s Issues

Panel Session: Envisioning a North American Freight Transportation System in 2030

Moderator: Stephen Blank, North American Transportation Competitiveness Research Council


  • Mary Brooks, Dalhousie University
  • Brian Crowley, AIMS
  • Malcolm Cairns, Canadian Pacific Railway
  • Barry Prentice, University of Manitoba

IV. Rail Policy

V. Gateways and Corridors

Panel Session: Railway Safety Act Review

Moderator: Jean Patenaude: Assistant General Counsel, CN


  • Tim Meisner: Executive Director; Railway Safety Act Review Secretariat, Transport Canada
  • Maury Hill: Maury Hill and Associates, Inc.
  • Joseph Schulman: Principal Consultant, CPCS Transcom Ltd – The State of Rail Safety in Canada

VII. Air Interfaces

VIII. Road Use

Panel Session: Policy and Planning Support Committee Member Views on the Conference Theme

Moderator: Doug Johnson, P/Eng, Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, Strategic Development & Intergovernmental Relations, New Brunswick Department of Transportation


  • M. André Meloche, Director of Maritime, Air and Rail Transport ( Directeur du transport maritime, aérien et ferroviaire) Ministère des Transports du Québec
  • Kristine Burr, Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, Transport Canada
  • David O’Toole, Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy & Planning, Ministry of Transportation, Province of Ontario
  • Kathie Miller, Assistant Deputy Minister, Transportation Planning and Policy, British Columbia Ministry of Transportation
  • Jim Stevens, Director Planning, Policy & Environment, Department of Transportation, Government of the Northwest Territories

IX. Logistics Management in Canada

X. Road Infrastructure

XI. Green Transport

XII. Transportation Challenges

XIII. Supply Chains

Panel Session: Shaking up the Canadian Transportation System: Student Perspectives

Moderator: Trevor Hanson, UNB


  • Amjad Khan University of Calgary
  • Sean Nix Ryerson University
  • Ahmed Dassouki University of New Brunswick
  • Delwinde-Hermann Tapsoba Laval University

XIV. Transport in NAFTA

XV. Port Possibilities

Student Paper Competition Winners 2006-2007

 Undergraduate Category

1st Prize (Past President’s Award)

William Cahill – Stop the Invasion! An Analysis of the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship’s Ballast Water and Sediments and Canada’s Ballast Water Control and Management Regulations

Masters Papers

1st Prize (A.M. Stevens Award)

Brody Hanson – Estimating Traffic Volumes for Low-Class Roads Using Travel Demand Modeling

 2nd Prize

Farhana Ferdous – Modeling Out-of-Home Recreational Activity Duration using Hazardbased Duration Models with Latent Heterogeneity