2006-2007 Scholarship Competition Award Winners

CTRF wishes to thank once again the  sponsors for the current scholarship program, namely Transport Canada, Bombardier,  CN, Canadian Pacific Railway,  Government of Quebec, and many other personal donations.

Transport Canada Scholarship In Sustainable Transportation ($4000)

Rehan Waheed , Ph.D., Planning, University of Waterloo

My name is Rehan Waheed. I am a resident of Waterloo, Ontario. I am originally from Pakistan. I am a Ph.D. student in School of Planning at the University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario. My bachelor’s and master’s degree focused on Geography and GIS Applications. I have been working in the field of GIS and Planning for the last ten years. I have worked on multiple GIS projects that focused on urban and transportation issues. This includes the build out analysis for the future development in three of the growing towns in New Hampshire, US.
For my doctoral research I am interested in exploring Transit Sustainability in Canadian cities. I am working with Dr. Clarence Woudsma. My doctoral research will thoroughly investigate Transit Sustainability, which is the ability of a transit system to continue existing such that it is able to fulfill its purpose of providing transportation services to masses in a geographically dispersed area, while being able to realize its operational cost, minimize environmental burden and improve public health. This research will review factors, policies and transit system sustainability in a number of Canada’s Census Metropolitan Areas. The result of this research will be a comprehensive step by step analysis of transit sustainability, built from recognizable criteria in an all inclusive way.
My hobbies include traveling, computers, GIS, and urban transportation. I do enjoy social activities a lot. I am currently the Treasurer of the Association of Graduate Planners at the University of Waterloo. In addition to being part of many committees in the school, I also intend to be the Ontario Professional Planners Institute Representative for the graduate students.
I intend to teach Urban Transportation and GIS at University level, upon completion of my doctorate program. I would like to engage myself with both teaching and research in the field of urban transportation.

Transport Canada Scholarship In Safety And Security ($4000)

Christine Wickens, M.A., Psychology, York University

Christine is currently working towards her PhD in social and personality psychology. Her research focuses on various psychological issues related to driver behaviour. She has co-authored several articles and chapters including an analysis of driver complaints received by the Ontario Provincial Police, a review of gender differences in driver aggression, and an examination of state driver stress as a function of occupational stress. Christine is currently working on several studies with topics ranging from attributions for driverbehaviour to the cognitive and individual difference variables involved in driver behaviour. In addition to awards received from the Canadian Transportation Research Forum, Christine has also been the recipient of other past honours including the Ontario Graduate Scholarship and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Scholarship.

Transport Canada Scholarship In Transportation Integration And Intermodalism ($4000)

Achala Nanayakkara, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Calgary

The main focus of my doctoral research at the University of Calgary is on airport airside configurations. It involves formulation and analysis of different runway and terminal layouts for airports, selection of airport layouts that are safe and efficient in handling aircraft operations and exploration of possible ways, those different airport layouts could expand and evolve. This research is conducted with the objective of addressing the problems associated with the evolution of airports due to gradual expansion warranted as a result of increase in demand for air travel experienced over the past few decades and that is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. With the completion of this research it is expected to provide airport designers with a guideline to design airports ensuring efficiency of the layout throughout its evolution and flexibility to handle various unforeseen conditions of air transportation. The knowledge and the exposure gained through the research will be extremely useful to me for the potential involvement in any work related to air transport planning and engineering. Upon graduation, I intend to gain further experience in my field of study by getting involved in an organization that focuses on airport planning and designing.

Transport Canada Scholarship Clyde Mcelman Scholarship In Transportation Logistics ($4000)

Zhong Ma, Ph.D., Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, University of Toronto

Zhong Ma is a Ph. D. candidate in the department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto where he is working on the design and development of market-based mechanisms in transportation and logistics. Particularly, he focuses on the researches on procuring truckload (TL) transportation services from third party carriers by combinatorial auctions. Combinatorial auction is a simultaneous multiple item auction format that allows bidders to place a single bid on a set of distinct items and express their synergies that exist for certain lanes, which is currently performed in practice by most large shippers in US TL transportation market now. However, the use of a combinatorial auction format for TL transportation procurement is still not without major challenges. These challenges must be effectively dealt with in order to facilitate the widespread use of combinatorial auctions for TL transportation procurement. He has been studying some of most important challenges such as: the carriers (bidders) bid generation strategy, the auctioneer’s (shipper’s) winner determination problem under uncertain shipments, and the mechanism integrating the optimization problems of both the shipper and carriers in a multi-round combinatorial auction setting. Zhong has two Master of Applied Science degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Toronto and Wuhan Institute of Technology (China) respectively and a Bachelor of Engineering from Wuhan Institute of Technology.

Transport Canada Scholarship Clyde Mcelman Scholarship In Transportation Supply Chain Management

Simon Veronneau, Ph.D., Business Administration, HEC Montreal

Current program: Ph.D. in Business Administration, Department of Logistics & Operations Management, HEC Montral.
Previous Degree: Master of Science in Transport and Maritime Management, Universiteit Antwerpen.
Bachelor of Maritime Studies, Memorial University of Newfoundland.
Simon began his studies at Georgian College, Ontario, where he trained to be a navigation officer. Upon receipt of his diploma, Simon transferred to the Memorial University of Newfoundland to complete a Bachelor of Maritime Studies. Supervised by Captain James Lowe, his thesis examined maritime security and the new threats facing the sector post-September 11th 2001.
After obtaining his bachelor degree, Simon went to further his transport studies at the University of Antwerp where he received the Libertas-Humanitas award, and graduated with a cum laude distinction in October 2004. He wrote a Master’s thesis on merger & acquisition activities in the maritime sector, supervised by Professor Eddy Van de Voorde.
His main professional experience was gained working aboard ships. Simon did his cadet time onboard a Canadian Coast Guard ship and merchant ships with a Great Lakes shipping company. He later worked for that company as a third mate, the Canadian Coast Guard as a first officer, and more recently for a major cruise line company as first officer.
Simon has joined the logistics and operations management department at HEC Montral in January 2004. He is specializing in supply chain management with a particular focus on transport. His main research interests are supply chain management, intermodal transport, maritime transport and critical operations management. His latest publicationMaintaining robust decision capabilities: An integrative humansystems approach,focuses on critical operations management and is in press in Decision Support Systems Journal. His doctoral thesis focuses on improving cruise ship supply chain efficiency, with ramification for complex global supply chain, such as humanitarian relief and the military. He is currently supervised by Professor Jacques Roy.

Bombardier – Jan Bowland Scholarship ($4000)

Khandker Habib, Ph.D., Civil Engineering, University of Toronto

Born and raised in Bangladesh, Mr. Khandker Habib did his undergraduate in civil engineering and masters in transportation engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET). He started his Ph.D in Transportation Engineering and Planning at University of Toronto under the supervision of Professor Eric J. Miller from Fall 2003. Within a short period of time he becomes a well-known young researcher in the field of econometric modelling and travel demand analysis. Mr. Habib has extensive experience researching a broad range of transportation and urban planning problems and econometric modelling. Currently he is involved in developing state-of-the-art activity-based travel demand models at the University of Toronto. His area of concentration involves wide range of econometric techniques incorporating travel behaviour and technological impacts in order to make the travel demand models more policy sensitive. He actively workshops on travel demand modelling in home and abroad and regularly contributes to the travel behaviour research literature. His career goal is teaching and consultancy in the area of travel demand analysis and transportation policy analysis. For details, please visit his webpage: http://individual.utoronto.ca/k_m_nurul_habib

Canadian Pacific Railway Scholarship ($4000)

Ye Li, Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of British Columbia

Short Bio: I am a PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering Department, the University of British Columbia. I achieved my Master degree in the same program and Bachelor degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Shanghai Jiaotong University. My research interests are complex system(especially, transportation and energy),mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and engineering policy. I have been published 10 papers in journal and conference proceeding, wrote several technical reports and gave several presentations in these areas. I served as technical committee member in several technical committees in transportation safety and policy. I have won over 10 professional awards since my graduate study.
Career objectives: To find a faculty or research position in the field of complex transportation system, complex energy system, fluid mechanics and marine technology policy.

CN Scholarship ($4000)

Oumar Niang, Ph.D., Droit, Universite de Sherbrooke

Current program: Ph.D., Faculty of Law, Universite de Sherbrooke, Quebec
Previous degree: L.L.M in International Law (Maritime Law), Universite du Quebec, Montreal, Quebec B.A. in Political Science (International Relations), Universite du Quebec Montreal, Quebec My name is Oumar Niang. I live in Montreal (Quebec), and I am originally from Senegal West Africa). I obtained both my B.A in Political Science (International Relations) and my Masters in International Law (Marine Safety) from the Universite du Quebec Montreal. I am presently doing my Ph.D. in Law at the Universite de Sherbrooke. My thesis subject is maritime  pollution caused by hydrocarbons. For my doctoral research I plan to explore all avenues that would permit to better protect marine environments. One must first know that the transportation of merchandise by sea reached five billion tones in 2004, while it was estimated to be one billon tones in 1960. Unfortunately, this increase has brought some serious ecological catastrophes in the last years. This is clearly demonstrated by the oil spills caused by the Torrey Canyon, the Tanio, the Exxon Valdez, the Amoco Cadiz, the ?rika, and, recently, the Prestige. These oil spills are designated as maritime pollution. To facilitate this study, we shall speak mostly of politics caused by hydrocarbons, i.e. oil. Such an increase in oil transportation creates a great number of problems, such as the degradation of maritime environments, the destruction of marine flora and fauna, the ceasing of fishing activities in the polluted zone, and the damage of tourist attractions.
This is why my research will concentrate mostly on the role of flags of convenience in maritime catastrophes, on the laxity of Flag States, on the limited control of Port States on ships, on the inefficiency of the International Maritime Organization, on the work of classification societies, on the complexity of certain international maritime conventions, on the responsibilities of ship owners and charterers, and on the role of oil companies in preventing maritime pollution.
As for my carrier objectives, I would like to work either for the Government of Canada or for a marine surveyor office. I am particularly interested in international organisations that work in the maritime sector, such as I.M.O., I.O.P.C. Funds, and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.