CTRF 50th Annual Conference

Another 50 Years: Where to From Here?
Un autre 50 ans : qu’en est-il à partir de maintenant?
Montreal, Quebec
May 24-26, 2015

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Papers are organized by conference session.
Records of the 2015 CTRF Conference Papers can also be found in the TAC Library catalogue, and the international TRID database at the following link:  https://trid.trb.org/View/1417741

Transportation and the Environment – I

Md Shohel Reza Amin and Umma Tamima
Environmental Impact of the Induced Traffic from Highway 25 Extension Project

Pedro Furtado and Jean-Marc Frayret
Impact of Resource Sharing of Freight Transportation

Jan Havenga, Leila Goedhals-Gerber, Heinrich Freiboth, Zane Simpson and Anneke De Bod
The Decarbonisation of Transport Logistics: A South African Case

Emilie Nguyen Van Sang, Michael Oram and Anthony Perl
Assessing the GHG Emissions Effects of the Canada Line in Vancouver and Tramway T2 in Paris

Regulatory Issues in Freight Rail

Nick Mulder, Patty Toner and Philip Cartwright
A New Train of Thought: The Dynamics and Inherent Politics of Rail Freight Transportation in Canada

André Pretto and Joseph F. Schulman
Canada –United States Freight Rail Economic Regulation Comparison

Paul Earl
From Free Markets to Regulation and Back Again: Cycles in Transportation, Grain Marketing and Economic Thought

Ryan Gallagher and Francois Tougas
Risk Shifting as Use of Market Power: Transportation of Dangerous Goods

Modelling Road Movements

Kevin Gingerich, Hanna Maoh and Bill Anderson
Modelling the Determinants of Truck Tours within Canadian Markets

Tufayel Chowdhury and Jean-François Arsenault
Freight Performance Micro Analysis Using Truck GPS Data

Rahaf Husein, Kevin Gingerich, Hanna Maoh and William Anderson
Modeling Border Wait Times of Canadian Trucks in Ontario: Evidence from Recent GPS Data for 2012/2013

Matthew J. Roorda and Nico Malfara
City of Edmonton Commercial Vehicle Model Update Using a Roadside Truck Survey

 Improving Supply Chain Fluidity and Resilience

Matthew Whelen, Ata Khan and David Ramsey
Reducing Disruption-induced Impacts on Transportation Supply Chain Fluidity

Barry Prentice
Peak-load Management and Surge Capacity in Western Canadian Grain Transportation

Jan Havenga
A Decade of National Level Logistics Costs Measurement in South Africa: The case for Macro logistics

Sylvain Ouellet et Anik Lacroix
Les Activités Logistiques au Canada: Innovation et Technologies

 Air Sector Trends and Issues

Qian Fu and Amy Kim
A Feedback Model for Assessing out-of-region Airport Leakage

Trever Bova, Gwen Cromwell and Lawrence McKeown
A Steady but Uneven Climb: Air Passengers in Canada Since 9/11

Sean Nicklin
Air Union: How Europe’s Attempt to Fly Together Fell Apart, 1959-64

David Stambrook
Airline Price Dispersion & Competition: Review of Empirical Evidence for the USA/Canada

Transportation and the Environment – II

Maryam Shekarrizfard, Ayoub Karimi-Jashni Kamal Hadad and Seyed Ali Akbar Safavi
A Modified Hidden Semi-Markov Model for Traffic Related PM10 Pollution Levels Estimation

Shekarrizfard and M. Hatzopoulou
Air Quality Simulation of Traffic Related Emissions: Application of Fine-Scaled Dispersion Modelling

Glareh Amirjamshidi and Matthew J. Roorda
Impact of the Cap-and-Trade vs. Carbon Tax Policy on Vehicle Routing

Issues in Safety and Security

Foomani, C. Alecsandru and A. Awasthi
Safety Performance Assessment of Stop-Operated Intersection Equipped with Active Road Sign

Sagal Searag, Greg Maloney and Lawrence McKeown
Trucking Dangerous Goods in Canada, 2004-2012

Lu Li, Md Sami Hasnine, Khandker M. Nurul Habib, Bhagwant Persaud and Amer Shalaby
Identifying Key Factors Affecting Crash Severity in Toronto Using an Ordered Logit Modelling Approach

Trevor Hanson
Simulating Impacts of Critical Transportation Infrastructure Disruptions Using Open-source Data: Recreating and Understanding a High-profile Highway Disruption in NB

 Evaluating Options in Urban Transit

Andre de Palma , Robin Lindsey and Guillaume Monchambert
Optimal Fares and Capacity Decisions for Crowded Public Transport Systems

Mohamed Salah Mahmoud, Wafic El-Assi, Khandker Nurul Habib and Amer Shalaby
How Active Modes Compete with Motorized Modes in High-Density Areas: A Case Study of Downtown Toronto

Pierre Barrieau and Xavier Lagueux
Electrifying Public Transportation: A Comparison of Quebec, Ontario and California

Mahbubur Rahman and Muhammad Ahsanul Habib
Evaluating Alternate Transit Options in Halifax Using Travel Demand Forecasting Model Informed by a Stated Preference Survey

Modeling Vehicle Ownership and Distribution

Aya Hagag and Hanna Maoh
 Modeling the Spatial Distribution of Commercial Vehicle Ownership: An Application to Windsor, Ontario

Elnaz Abotalebi and Pavlos Kanaroglou
Utilizing Stated Preference in Electric Vehicle Research: Evidence from the Literature

Terence Dimatulac and Hanna Maoh
Modelling the Determinants of Hybrid Vehicle Distribution in the Windsor Census Metropolitan Area

Applied Statistical Methods and Issues

Georgiana Madar and Lawrence McKeown – The Ron Rice Award for the Best Conference Paper Award
Measuring Commodity Flows in Canada: Options and Considerations

Ran Ran and Chris Lee
Effects of Geometric and Traffic Factors on Frequencies of Truck-involved Crashes on Ontario Highways

Shakil Khan and Hanna Maoh
A Framework for Collecting Stated Preference Data on Electric Vehicle (EV) Adoption by the Canadian Fleet Operators

Policy/Planning Issues in Small Markets

Mohammad Hesam Hafezi and Muhammad Habib
Development and Evaluation an Algorithm to Produce the Population at regional level and dissemination area level

Matthew Adaman, Barry E. Prentice and Paul Larson
Cost Competitiveness of Re-Supply via Cargo Airship in Kivalliq, Nunavut

Trevor R. Hanson, Florence Allaire and Carly MacEacheron
Issues and Opportunities for Enhancing Active Transportation Among Rural and Urban Areas: Lessons from a New Brunswick Study

Perspectives on Public and Private Transportation Policy and Planning – I

Toka S. Mostafa and Matthew J. Roorda
A Conceptual Framework for Modelling Firmography

Kalinga Jagoda
Crude Oil by Rail: Solution or Disaster?

Kalinga Jagoda and Carlos Rojas
Energy, Resources and Transportation: Exploratory Study of the Canadian Mining Sector

 Marine Sector Trends and Issues

Jean-Paul Rodrigue
Bi-Coastal Disorder: Commercial Shifts in North American Maritime Ranges

Bradley Hull
Containerization on the Great Lakes: Why it Declined

Mary Brooks
Shipping Regulation, Trade Realities and Social License: Will Short Sea Shipping Ever be More Than Just a Niche Service?

Perspectives on Public and Private Transportation Policy and Planning – II

Galo Reinoso and Bilal Farooq
Urban Pulse Analysis Using Big Data

Rida Shetwi, Bilal Farooq and Ciprian Popa
Optimizing Large-scale Transportation Infrastructure Projects using Building Information Modelling

Justin Tyndall
Waiting for the R Train: Public Transportation and Employment