Papers from the CTRF 52nd  Annual Conference

Canadian Transportation: 150 Years of Progress
Les transports au Canada : 150 ans de progrès

Winnipeg, Manitoba
May 28-31, 2017

Agricultural Transportation

Mohammad Torshizi, Richard Gray
Rail Capacity, Freight Rates and Removal of the Maximum Revenue Entitlement Program

Steve Pratte
Western Canadian Grain Transportation and The Maximum Revenue Entitlement: Process, Design Considerations and Final Implementation

Modal Choice Demand Analysis

Justin Tyndall
Waiting for the Bus: Service Dependability and Commuter Mode Choice

Naznin Sultan Daisy, Lei Liu, Hugh Millward
Optimizing Daily Travel Sequences and Time-Use Patterns of Individuals

Urban Freight Movements

Mohammad Hesam Hafezi, Lei Liu, Hugh Millward
Modelling Activity Scheduling Behavior of Individuals for Travel Demand Models

Adrian Lightstone, Mausam Duggal
Region of Peel – Commodity Flow and Network Analysis

Rahaf Husein, Hanna Maoh
Trip Generation Modeling for London, Ontario, Canada: A Micro-Analytical Approach

Autonomous Vehicles and Taxi Regulation

Joseph Monteiro, Barry Prentice
The Tale of Taxi Reforms in Two Cities: The Failure of Closed Entry – Continued

Malcolm Cairns
A Future with Autonomous Vehicles: Issues, the potential for research topics, and a personal perspective

Rail Transportation

Ge Gao, Changmin Jiang, Paul D. Larson
Express Freight Transportation by High-Speed Rail: The Case of China

Adam Morrison, Chris Bachmann, Frank Saccamanno
Generalized Cost Functions of Crude Oil Pipeline Shipments in Canada

Active and Green Transportation

Sara Edge, Joshua Goodfield
Responses to electric bikes (e-bikes) amongst stakeholders and decision-makers with influence on transportation reform in Toronto, Canada

Puyuan Deng, Mehdi Nourinejad, Mahyar Jahangiriesmaili, Matthew Roorda
Design and Analysis of City Logistics Systems in Toronto for Express Courier Companies

Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Alec Knowles, Adrian Lightstone
The Impacts of Connected and Automated Vehicle Technologies on Goods Movement and Distribution in North America

Optimizing Infrastructure

Amal Ghamrawi, Hanna Maoh
Modeling the Feasibility of Transitioning Diesel-Based Heavy-Duty Trucks to CNG-Powered Engines in the GTHA

Jacob Terry, Chris Bachmann, Jeffrey M. Casello
Sustainability Analysis of Transportation Infrastructure in Waterloo, Ontario

Air Transportation

Xudong Chen, Changmin Jiang, Paul Larson
Sustainability Reporting of Airlines: Performances and Driving Factors

Barry E. Prentice, Sarfraz Ahmed
Ground-Handling Systems for Cargo Airships

Public Transit

Zhenyuan (Eric) Ma, Md. Nobinur Rahman, Ahmed O. Idris
Setting A Fair-Fare Structure for Improved Transit Passengers’ Accessibility

Trevor Hanson, Matthieu Goudreau
How many New Brunswickers rely on organized volunteer driver programs? Preliminary tools and approaches to help us find the answer

Lawrence McKeown, Eric Mongrain
Trends in Transit: A Statistical Examination

Policy and Planning

Patty Toner, Hunter Doubt, Nick Mulder, Philip Cartwright
Pursuing Tomorrow’s Transportation System Today: How Government and Key Players Can Drive Positive Change

Paul Larson
Sustainable railroading across Canada and beyond

Trevor Hanson
Exploring the past 70 years of transportation planning tools and practices among select New Brunswick cities: Are we ready for the future?

Spatial-economic Modelling

Toka S. Mostafa, Matthew J. Roorda
Modelling Start-up Size of Canadian Firms

Murat Olus Inan, Eren Inci, Robin Lindsey The Ron Rice Award for the Best Conference Paper
Policies to Control Spillover Parking

Mohammad Hesam Hafezi, Lei Liu, Hugh Millward
Modeling Activity Scheduling Behavior of Individuals for Travel Demand Models

Road Transportation

Gordon Baldwin
Photo Radar in Ontario–Will Being a Late Adopter Solve the Problems?

Kevin Gingerich, Hanna Maoh
Utilizing machine learning to reduce the processing time for GPS truck based map-matching

Safety and Dangerous Goods

Darren Prokop
Supply Chain Threats and Emergency Management

Brendan McPhee, Trevor Hanson
Suitability and limitations of using an open source video data approach to understand hazardous goods movement by rail

Pruethipong Singhatiraj
Road Accident Model for Depressed Median

Sustainable Transportation

Aya Hagag, Lawrence McKeown
The Greening of Canada’s Road Motor Vehicles: An Assessment

Md. Nobinur Rahman, Abdul Rahman Masoud, Ahmed O. Idris
Modelling the Influence of Fused Grid Neighbourhood Design Principles on Greenhouse Gas Emissionswith Emphasis on Street Connectivity

Marine Transportation

Leah Beveridge
Arctic Pilots for Canadian Corridors

James Frost
Short Sea Shipping in Canada – Alive or Dead?

Trade & Transportation

Ali Ülkü, Horand I. Gassmann, Michael E. Foster
A Framework for Regional Logistics Performance

Mahyar Jahangiriesmaili, Matthew Roorda, Chris Bachmann 
Assessing the Impact of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) on Canada’s Transportation Network

Aya Hagag, Lawrence McKeown
An Analysis of American Commodity Shipments to Canada

Transportation Modeling and Data

Naznin Sultana Daisy, Lei Liu, Hugh Millward
Analyzing Tours: Application of a Traveller Grouping Based Cluster Analysis

Hakan Andic, Koby Kobia
The Measurements of the Total Factor Productivity Growth for Canadian Railways

Hamed Shahrokhi Shahraki, Chris Bachmann
Optimizing Transportation Infrastructure Investment using Computable General Equilibrium Models

Traffic Management and Simulation

Olaf Milbredt, Florian Rudolph
Data interface model for passenger-centric intermodal traffic management

Md. Kamrul Islam
A Simulation Model to Evaluate Impact of Vehicle Size and Dispatch Headway Variability on Passenger Loading and Reliability of Public Transit

Electric Vehicles

Terence Dimatulac, Hanna Maoh
Modeling the Demand for Electric Vehicles in the Canadian Rental Market: A Stated Preference Approach

Sina Bahrami, Motahareh Shafiee Fard, Matthew Roorda
Optimal Deployment of Fast Charging Stations

Urban Transit Analysis

Alireza Mohammadi, Luis Amador-Jimenez, Fuzhan Nasiri
Underground Transit System Management; New Issues

Hassaan Masood, Ahmed O. Idris
Index-Based Decision-Support Tool for Transit Stop Planning Under Uncertainties

Transport Management

Garland Chow
Taxi Service Performance: Definition and Measurement

Shakil Khan, Hanna Maoh, Mark Ferguson, Moataz Mahmoud
Factors Influencing Electric Vehicle Fleet Acquisition in Canada: Insights from a Recent Survey

Kalinga Jagoda
Transportation Challenges of Rural SMEs: Insights from Alberta

Urban Policy and Planning

Hassaan Masood, Ahmed O. Idris
Passenger/Operator Opinion Survey for Transit Stop Evaluation Using Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

Chris Harding, Eric J. Miller
Life cycle costing for transportation, housing and municipal service provision: a case study in Montreal, Canada

Truck Transport

David Evans, Lawrence McKeown
Factors Associated with Own-Account Trucking in Canada

Mausam Duggal, Bryce Sharman, Rick Donnelly, Rob Tardif, Shan Sureshan, Sundar Damodaran
Province of Ontario’s Commodity Flow and Long-Distance Truck Models – A comprehensive picture of freight movement in Ontario

Georgiana Madar, Hanna Maoh, William Anderson
A Simulation Approach to Modeling the Robustness of the Ontario Truck Road Network


Undergraduate Category
Bradley Kloostra, University of Toronto
Fully Autonomous Vehicles: Analyzing Transportation Network Performance and Operating Scenarios in the Greater Toronto Area, Canada

Ph.D. Category
Justin Tyndall, University of British Columbia
Where No Cars Go: Free-Floating Carshare and Inequality of Access