Papers from the CTRF 53rd Annual Conference

The Future of Canada’s Transportation System
L’avenir du systéme de transport du Canada

Gatineau, Québec
June 3-6, 2018

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Transportation Trends – The North

Malcolm Cairns
Development in the Canadian Arctic: Issues Associated with Logistics and Transportation

Christopher Wright
The Northwest Passage Future Highway or Historic Byway?

Transportation Trends – Issues

Chris G. Moser
Is Adaptive Co-Management a Strategic Technique for Canada’s Transportation 2030 Policy Planning?

Mark A. Hemmes
The 2013-2014 Crop Year: Performance of the Grain Handling and Transportation System in a Challenging Time

Garland Chow
The Potential Impact of Ride Hailing Entry on Urban Traffic Congestion

Transportation Trends – Technology

Adrian Lightstone, Dirk van Amelsfort, Karin Brundell-Freij, Preeya Shah
How Can Cities Harness Mobility Pricing to Reduce Congestion, Promote Fairness, and Support Investment in Transportation Infrastructure?

Shakil Khan, Sarah Khalid, Hanna Maoh, Kemal Tepe
Making Informed Route Choices Using V2V/V2I Communications: The Case of Highway 401/402 Corridor

Joseph Monteiro, Barry Prentice
The Future of Transportation – In the Information Age

Methods and Models I

Georgiana Madar, Hanna Maoh, William Anderson
Assessing the Potential Impacts of Unexpected Closure of a Major Crossing Between Canada and the U.S.

Pauline Laila Bela, Muhammad Ahsanul Habib
Development of a Freight Traffic Model for Halifax, Canada

Naznin Sultana Daisy, Lei Liu, Hugh Millward
Analyzing Time Windows and Time Allocation to In-home and Out-of-Home Activities in Workers’ Activity Patterns

Internet and E-commerce 

Michael Machum
Potential Use of Total Logistics Cost as a Measure of E-Commerce Logistics Efficiency

Aya  Hagag, Lawrence McKeown, Nicole Minnema, Mark Uhrbach
Getting a Lift: Peer-to-Peer Ridesharing in Canada

Glareh Amirjamshidi, Moataz Abdelkhalek, Elkafi Hassini
E-Commerce Logistics in Canada

Roads and Vehicles I

Adekunle Mofolasayo
Evaluation of Potential Policy Issues When Planning for Autonomous Vehicles

Mehdi Nourinejad, Sina Bahrami, Matthew J. Roorda
Design Parking Facilities for Autonomous Vehicles

Jacob Terry, Chris Bachmann
Short-Term Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles on Canadian Government Finances


Carrie Parcher, Trever Bova, Robert Larmour, Lawrence McKeown
From Across the Border to Across the Pond: Canadian Air Passenger Travel, 2007 to 2016

Gordon Baldwin
The Future of Canada’s Transportation System: Has Canada Learnt from its Experiences with Outbreaks such as SARS, Ebola, H1N1 and MERS?  

Maritime and Ports

Alireza Mohammadi
Critical Infrastructure Protection: Ports

Desai Shan – The Ron Rice Award for the Best Conference Paper
Work-related Mobility and Fatigue on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence River: Canadian Seafarers’ Experiences

Barry E. Prentice, Joseph Monteiro
Future of Containerization: Rapid Growth or Maturation?

Environment and Planning

Joe Rogers, Farr Fatemi, Bryce Edwards
Cost of Compliance with Carbon Regulations for Canada’s Rail and Truck Sectors

Allison Pratt, Lawrence McKeown
Modal Shift: Towards a Lower Carbon Economy

Rail Transport

Joseph F. Schulman, Joel Carlson
The State of Railway Safety in Canada: An Assessment

Mary-Jane Bennett
As the Crow Flies: Canadian Grain Freighting Regulation from 1897 to the Present

Michael Gullo, Enrique Rosales
A Review of Canadian Rail Activity in the North American Free Trade Agreement Era

Methods and Models II

Mahmudur Rahman Fatmi, Muhammad Ahsanul Habib
Modelling Injury Severity of Pedestrians in Collisions Involving Distracted Driving

Mohammad Hesam Hafezi, Hugh Millward, Lei Liu
Inferring Activity Selection and Scheduling Behavior of Population Cohorts for Travel Demand Modeling

Roads and Vehicles II

Matthieu Goudreau, Trevor Hanson
The Development and Application of a Maturity Model  to Understand Volunteer Driver Program Practices

Terence Dimatulac, Hanna Maoh, Shakil Khan
Why Do People Rent Passenger Vehicles? Evidence from Canada

Joseph Monteiro, Barry E. Prentice
Competition in the Canadian Taxi Industry

Data and Metrics

Maisie Karam, Vincent Dubé,, Lawrence McKeown
Big Wheels and Small Carriers: Canada’s Small For-hire Trucking Industry

Serge Godbout, Nathalie Hamel
Modernizing Statistics Canada’s Transportation Surveys

Bradley Hull, Charles Watts
Transportation Taxonomy – Working Paper

Environment and Planning II

James Jarrett
What Could an Environmental Assessment for a Hyperloop Look Like?

Francis Marleau Donais, Iréne Abi-Zeid, Owen Waygood, Roxane Lavoie
Integrating Sustainable Transportation in Decision-making Processes: A Comparison Between Cost-Benefit Analysis and Multi-Criteria Decision Aiding

Matthew Olsheskie, Robert Larmour, Lawrence McKeown
Making ¢ents of Reducing Aviation Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Policy and Planning

Abraham Berhe Aregawi
Assessment of Non-motorized Transport Infrastructure in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (Case of pedestrian and cyclists infrastructure)

Justin Tyndall
Light Rail (Dis)Placement: Neighbourhood Choice, Transit and Labour Market Outcomes

Abraham  Pius, Obioma Nwaogbe , Innocent  Ogwude
An Investigation into the Nigerian Rail Transport Quality of Service: From the Passengers’ Perspective

Student Paper Winners

Undergraduate Category
Junbo Liang, University of Toronto
Solving the Issue of Streetcars Blocking Traffic at King/Yonge

Masters Category
Gregory Hoy, University of Toronto
A Multi-Agent Microsimulation Model of Toronto Pearson International Airport