CTRF 2020 Annual Conference
Webinar Series
Planning in Times of Unprecedented Change and Uncertainty


The webinar series is now finished. Thank you to all of our webinar participants and sponsors for making it such a success!


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Plenary and Paper Session Schedule – PDF

Session Day Date Topic
Session 1 Wednesday June 03 Air Transportation Issues (1 hr)
Session 2 Friday June 05 Data Solutions for Enhancing Transportation Performance (1 ½ hrs)
Followed by:
Policy and Regulation (1 hr)
Session 3 Wednesday June 10 Regional Supply/Demand Analysis (2 hrs)
Session 4 Friday June 12 Methods in Urban Transportation Planning ‒ Part I (1 ½ hrs)
Followed by:
Cross-Border Trade and Transportation (1 hr)
Session 5 Wednesday June 17 Accessible and Active Transportation (1 ½ hrs)
Session 6 Friday June 19 Last Mile Delivery (1 ½ hrs)
Followed by:
Issues in Trucking (1 hr)
Session 7 Wednesday June 24 Taxicab/Ride-hailing Services (2 hrs)
Session 8 Friday June 26 Goods Movement in Ontario (1 ½ hrs)
Followed by:
ITS Analytical Tools (1 hr)
Session 9 Wednesday September 09 Optimizing Infrastructure (2 hrs)
Session 10 Friday September 11 Attaining Sustainability ‒ Part I (1 hr)
Followed by:
Attaining Sustainability Part II (1 ½ hrs)
Session 11 Wednesday September 16 Determining Mode Choice (2 hrs)
Session 12 Friday September 18 Methods in Urban Transportation Planning ‒ Part II (1 ½ hrs)
Followed by:
Transportation in Remote Areas (1 hr)
Session 13 Wednesday September 23 E-Vehicles (1 ½ hrs)
Followed by:
Autonomous Vehicles (1 hr)

Air Transportation Issues
“Grounded: The Impact of Boeing 737 MAX on airline performance” Valeriya Mordvinova, Kerri Stevenson, Robert Larmour, Lawrence McKeown

“The Future of Regional Turboprop Aircraft in Canada” Jody Kositsky, Mike Tretheway, Roeland Visser

Data Solutions for Enhancing Transportation Performance

“The value of measures of the logistics system to industry: The Western Canadian grain sector as an illustration” Mark Hemmes, Steve Pratte

“Railway Line Capacity Metrics” Ryan Gallagher, Lucia Stuhldreier, François E.J. Tougas

“Towards an International Standard for Transportation Planning Data” Megan Katsumi, Mark Fox

Policy and Regulation

“Recent Legal Developments of Interest in the Transport of Petroleum Products by Rail in Comparison to the Transport of Petroleum Products by Pipeline” Julia C. Loney

“2019 Regulatory developments in Canadian transportation” Joseph Monteiro, Barry E. Prentice

Regional Supply/Demand Analysis

“Assessing the efficiency of household residential location choices” Hubert Verreault and Catherine Morency

“Allocation model of activity patterns” Julien Douville, Catherine Morency

“Forecasting Travel Activity Participation, Mode Choice and Vehicle Allocation: An Agent-based Tour-level Microsimulation Approach within an Integrated Urban Modeling System” Mahmudur Rahman Fatmi, Nazmul Arefin Khan, Muhammad Ahsanul Habib

“A Comprehensive Validation Analysis of an Activity-based Travel Demand Microsimulation Model” Hasan Shahrier, Muhammad Ahsanul Habib

Methods in Urban Transportation Planning – I

“Scenario Planning to Navigate Change and Uncertainty”
Blair Underhill, Alec Knowles, Sarah Krapez, Adrian Lightstone

“Geographic Heterogeneity in Perceived Quality of Bus Transit Service”
Connor Nikel, Gamal Eldeeb, Moataz Mohamed

“Evaluation of the Transit Preferential Treatments by Developing A Traffic Microsimulation Model”
Sadia Munia, Mahmudur Fatmi

Cross-Border Trade and Transportation

“Cross-Border Trade Between Canada-US by Rail In 2017” Chris Aspila, William P. Anderson

“Full Steam Ahead: Transoceanic Travel Time and Global Migration Patterns” Q. Rallye Shen

Issues in Accessible and Active Transportation

“A Tale of Two Cities: Development of Cycling Demand Models for New Zealand and Canada” Muntahith Mehadil Orvin1, Mahmudur Rahman Fatmi, Subeh Chowdhury

The Growth of Paratransit in Montreal: Ways to Adapt
« La croissance du transport adapté : des pistes de solutions »
Camille Garnier, Martin Trepanier, Catherine Morency

“Mapping and routing the underground City of Montreal, Canada” Catherine Morency and Jean-Simon Bourdeau

Last Mile Delivery

“Stochastic Mobile Depot Location Problem in Crowd-shipping” Kianoush Mousavi, Merve Bodur, Matthew Roorda

“Pilot Off-Peak Delivery Program in the Region of Peel” Kianoush Mousavi, Glareh Amirjamshidi, Matthew Roorda and Sabrina Khan

“The Economic Viability of Autonomous Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones) In Urban Transport, The Impact of Airspace Regulations” Mohamed Elsayed, Moataz Mohamed

Issues in Trucking

“Pathway for the truck driver market:  A review of key issues and developments in Canada and the US: driver shortage, contractor misclassification, new business models” Andrew Tam

“The GPS Data Matrix Reloaded – Statistics Canada’s Pilot Study” Serge Godbout, Agnes Waye, Anthony Wright, Nathalie Hamel

Taxicab/Ride-hailing Services

 “Benefits, Costs and Other Impacts from the Introduction of Transportation Network Companies” Joel Carlson and Ashok Kinjarapu

“Transforming raw taxi data into a dashboard for decision making” Anjeli Narrainen, Catherine Morency

“Temporal Changes in Transit-Integrated Ridesourcing Trip Patterns” Jacob Terry, Emma Swarney, Chris Bachmann

“The Diffusion of Ride Sharing in Canada” Aya Hagag, Lawrence McKeown, Nicole Minnema, Mark Uhrbach

Goods Movement in Ontario

 “Evaluating the inter-dependence between network robustness and trade criticality with an application to the Province of Ontario, Canada” Georgiana Madar, Hanna Maoh

“A Commercial Vehicle Model for Greater Toronto And Hamilton Area” Tufayel Chowdhury, Matthew J. Roorda

“Economic Sectors and Freight Transportation Status, Trends, Impacts and Freight Response Options” Andrew Tam

ITS Analytical Tools

 “Semantically enabled sensor data integration for ATIS in the transportation domain” Hasan Bayanouni, Megan Katsumi, Mohamed El-Darieby, Baher Abdulhai, Mark S. Fox

“VDML-Based CAV Modeling Based On ARC-IT 8.2” Hazem Youssef and Mohamed El-darieby

Optimizing Infrastructure

“Prescriptive Analytics for Strategic Planning and Optimized Asset Management” Hao Zhang, Moataz Mohamed, Zoe Li, Wael El-Dakhakhni

“The Evolution of The Western Canadian Grain Handling and Transportation System: A Summary of Change and Charting the Future” Steve Pratte

« Investissements dans les transports en commun et dans le réseau routier au Québec: Vers l’atteinte du ratio de 50 :50 » Renaud Gignac

“Modelling and Visualization of Infrastructure Demand, Capacity, and Utilization” Alec Knowles, Salah Koleilat, Nour Elnawawi, Paul Deng, Adrian Lightstone, and Mausam Duggal

Attaining Sustainability – I

 “Pricing vehicle emissions and congestion on an urban road network using a dynamic traffic simulator” Shaghayegh Vosough, André de Palma, Robin Lindsey

“The Use of Hydrogen in Transportation: A Strategic Advantage for Quebec” Jacques Roy, Marie Demers

“Prosperity in Partnerships: How Parking Authorities and the Communities They Serve Can Work Together Without Financial Burdens” Chelsea Webster

Attaining Sustainability – II

“Mandate and Structural Challenges for the IMO on the Path to Decarbonization?” Aldo Chircop, Desai Shan

“LNG Transition as a Marine Fuel in Norwegian Shipping: A Way Forward For Canada?” Sofiane Laribi, Emmanuel Guy

“Reducing GHG Emissions from Transport In Canada: With a Particular Focus on the Case of Freight Rail” Malcolm Cairns

Determining Mode Choice

“Perception of comfort on board of a mass transit vehicle and impact on the client’s itinerary choice” Marc-Antoine Gauthier, Catherine Morency

“An Air Passenger Airport Access Model” James Vaughan, Yang (Luna) Xi, Eric J. Miller

“Evaluating Transit Accessibility Impacts on Transit Choice in the Region of Waterloo” Devin Feng, Chris Bachmann, Dawn Parker

“Are the modes of transport independent? Assessing multimodal mobility at the individual level” Elodie Deschaintres, Catherine Morency, Martin Trepanier

Methods in Urban Transportation Planning – II

 “How Equitable Are Our Streets? A Needs-Gap Analysis of Street Space Allocation” Gabriel Lefebvre-Ropars, Catherine Morency, Paula Negron-Poblete

“Investigating Desired Transit Quality: A Targeted-Customers Approach” Gamal Eldeeb, Moataz Mohamed

“Factors affecting pedestrian injury severity: an investigation of traffic collisions in Toronto” Shaila Jamal, K. Bruce Newbold

Transportation in Remote Areas

“Cargo Airship Fuel Transport: Canadian Shield Case Study” Barry Prentice, John Wilms

“A framework for cumulative risk assessment (cra) for marine shipping: a case study in the Kitikmeot region” Priscilla Einecke Schmitz, Ronald Pelot, Floris Goerlandt and David Barclay

New Technologies – E-Vehicles

“Optimizing Electric Bus Transit Systems: A Review of Modelling Techniques and Methods” Lucas DaSilva, Moataz Mohamed

“Uncertainty in Electric Bus Energy Consumption: The Impacts of Grade and Driving Behaviour” Hatem Abdelaty, Moataz Mohamed

“Assessing the Feasibility of Energy Storage System for Electric Bus Transit Planning” Hatem Abdelaty, Mohamed Elsayed, Moataz Mohamed

Autonomous Vehicles

“Modelling the Adoption of Autonomous Vehicle as a Shared and Privately Owned Vehicle” Md Shahadat Hossain, Mahmudur Rahman Fatmi

“A Microscopic Model for Jaywalking at Unmarked Crosswalks” Md Asif Hasan Anik, Moinul Hossain, Muhammad Ahsanul Habib

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