54th Annual Conference – 2019

CTRF 54th Annual Conference – 2019

Conference Proceedings

Change, Disruption and Innovation in Canadian Transportation: Navigating the New Normal

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Table of Contents

    Papers and presentations* are organized by topics listed below.

    *Presentations are only available for those authors who have provided permission to CTRF to have their presentation posted to the CTRF website.

    1. Electric Vehicles

    Determinants of PHEV Purchase Intentions in a Canadian City
    Paul D. Larson

    Towards Sustainable Regional Planning: Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Expansion Scenario
    Mahmoud Salari, Roxana J. Javid and Ramina Jahanbakhsh Javid

    Understanding New Vehicle Dynamics: Developing Range Standards for Electric Bicycles
    Alexander Bigazzi

    Identifying the Factors Affecting the Preference of College Students Towards Electric Motorbikes
    Tzu-Ying Chen and Rong-Chang Jou

    2. Public and Urban Transit Performance

    Transit Service Evaluation: A Time-Frequency-based Stop Accessibility Approach
    Gamal Eldeeb, Ahmed Osman Idris and Moataz Mohamed

    What Constitutes Network Robustness? Analysis of the Canadian Bus Transit System
    Hatem Abdelaty, Moataz Mohamed, Mohamed Ezzeldin Wael and El-Dakhakhni

    Public Transit Service Reliability Assessment Using GPS Data
    Seungho Yang, Afnan Ahmad, Peter Park and Gunho Sohn

    Canada's Public Transit Infrastructure: A Review
    Aya Hagag and Lawrence McKeown

    3. Traffic Analysis and Safety

    A research guide to using efficiency of technological innovations in automobiles for establishing unbiased policies for improvement of minimum safety standards for driver-operated motor vehicles
    Adekunle Mofolasayo

    Evaluation of how driver's sight lines impact available stopping distance for conflicting through and left turning vehicles at signalized ii intersections
    Adekunle Mofolasayo

    Macroscopic Fundamental Diagram Based Perimeter Control Considering Dynamic User Equilibrium
    Qiangqiang Guo Xegang (Jeff) Ban and Steven Parks

    Real-time Safety Performance Functions for Signalized Intersections
    Mohamed Essa and Tarek Sayed

    4. Location of Industry and Transportation Activity

    Unknown to Known: Predicting Truck GPS Commodity using Machine Learning
    Mausam Duggal, Bryce Sharman, Rick Donnelly, Matthew Roorda, Sundar Damodaran and Shan Sureshan

    Big Data Analysis to Explore the Clustering of Truck Trips Patterns Across Canada
    Ayat Hussein and Hanna Maoh

    Canola crushing: location of a footloose industry
    Barry E. Prentice

    5. Autonomous Vehicles

    A Multi-Objective Optimization of Autonomous Drones’ Solar Energy Charging Stations Utilizing BIPV Urban Upgrade
    Mohamed ElSayed and Moataz Mohamed

    Latency and Reliability-aware Joint Optimization for Cooperative Vehicular Computing with Cooperative Communication
    Xu Han, Daxin Tian, Xuting Duan, Zhengguo Sheng, He Liu, Yinsheng Gong and Victor C.M. Leung

    Who Is Ready For Autonomous Vehicles? – Analysis of Consumer Acceptance of Self-Driving Cars In Different European Regions
    Christina Edye and Wolfgang H. Schulz

    6. Cycling Mobility, Safety and Data - I

    Trip Identification for Smartphone-based Cycling GPS Data
    Elmira Berjisian and Alexander Bigazzi

    Cycling to Work: Is Geography Destiny?
    Justin Tyndall

    Why Individuals Choose Dockless Bicycle-sharing Services? Assessing the Effects of Built Environment and Land Use Attributes
    Muntahith Mehadil Orvin and Mahmudur Rahman Fatmi

    7. Cross Border Transportation

    Ontario-US trade in goods and freight services: Trends, key challenges/issues and policy considerations
    Andrew Tam

    Asymmetric Effects of Exchange Rate Changes on Cross-Border Trade: Evidence from Canada-US Bilateral Freight Flows by Transport Mode
    Junwook Chi

    Modelling Truck Movement across the Canada-US border: A VISSIM Dynamic Traffic Assignment Application
    Sidra Anis and Hanna Maoh

    Analysis of the Arizona-Central Mexico International Trade and Transportation Corridor at the Supply Chain Level
    Juan Carlos Villa and Isabel Victoria-Jaramillo

    8. Airport Management and Governance

    Strategic Cooperation between German Airports and Their Airlines
    Sebastian Weber

    Analysis of Airfares in an Era of Significant Airline Ancillary Charges
    Jody Kositsky and Mike Tretheway

    Canada’s Airports: The Economic Basis for a Not-For-Profit Governance Structure
    William G. Morrison

    Demand Analysis for Air Travels In Nigeria: An Expository Study
    Obioma R. Nwaogbe, Adebayo Monday, Oluwole S. Matthew, Victor Omoke and Ibeawuchi Nze

    9. Cycling Mobility, Safety and Data - II

    Investigating the Impact of Bike Network Infrastructure Features on Cyclist Safety Using Network Theory Indicators
    Mohamed Kamel and Tarek Sayed

    How Do Perceived Safety and Experienced Incidents Influence Route Choice For Cyclists?
    Gurdiljot Gill, Alexander Bigazzi and Filippos Gkekas

    Unconstrained Cyclist Trajectory Simulation for Agent-Based Models
    Hossameldin Mohammed, Alexander Bigazzi and Tarek Sayed

    10. Applying Integrated Urban Models to Measure Health and Sustainability Impacts

    Simulating the Future Impacts of Urban Transit System Improvements: Application to London, Ontario and Halifax, Nova Scotia
    Terence Dimatulac, Hanna Maoh, Tor Oiamo and Markey Johnson

    Implementation of the SMARTPLANS Integrated Urban Model for Halifax, Nova Scotia and London, Ontario
    Hanna Maoh, Terence Dimatulac, Tor Oiamo and Markey Johnson

    Developing a sustainability indicator weighting scheme for Integrated Urban Modelling and Health Outcomes in SMARTPLANS
    Tor H. Oiamo, Lauren White, Hanna Maoh and Markey Johnson

    Extending the SMARTPLANS Integrated Urban Modeling Framework to Evaluate the Impacts of Air Quality on Health Outcomes
    Hanna Maoh, Terence Dimatulac, Tor Oiamo, Markey Johnson and Dave Stieb

    11. Trucking Research Methods

    Review of Existing Technologies (Vehicle Fuels and Devices), Applications, Benefits and Limitations
    Andrew Tam

    Building Freight Shipments from GPS Data – Feasibility Studies
    Serge Godbout, Herbert Nkwimi Tchahou and Nathalie Hamel

    A Transportation Taxonomy -- Part 2
    Bradley Hull and Charles Watts

    12. Transportation Infrastructure Investment and Operation - I

    Financial Analysis of the Improvement of Drainage Structures on Road Network to Relief Flooding in Frequently Flooded Areas in Southern Thailand
    Pruethipong Xinghatiraj and Attasit Sawatpanich

    Zinc Coatings for Sustainable Transportation infrastructure
    Martin Gagne, Frank E. Goodwin and Bernardo Duran

    Zinc Coated Rebar for Sustainable Concrete Infrastructure
    Martin Gagne, Frank E. Goodwin, and Bernardo Duran

    Non Traffic Volume-Based Collision-Prediction Regression Model for Intersections Safety
    Matin Foomani, Ciprian Alecsandru and Anjali Awasthi

    13. The Evolving Passenger Directed Transportation Sector: Taxis and TNCs

    Mining Web Data to Help Cities Understand the Impacts of Ride Sourcing Companies
    Amir Hassanpour, Alexander Bigazzi and Don MacKenzie

    The Evolution, Usage and the Trip Chain Patterns of Taxis & Ridesourcing Services -- Evidence From 2001, 2009 & 2017 US NHTS Survey
    Xiatian Wu and Don MacKenzie

    Regulation and Competition in the Taxi Industry in Vancouver
    Joseph Monteiro and Barry E. Prentice

    More or Less Curb? Testing Strategies to Mitigate the Impact of Ride Sourcing On Traffic
    Anne Goodchild, Don MacKenzie, Andisheh Ranjbari, Jose Machado and Giacomo Dalla Chiara

    14. Green and Sustainable Transportation

    Electric Mobility and the Carbon Tax: The Feasibility of Canadian GHG Mitigation Policies
    Anastasia Soukhov and Moataz Mohamed

    Investigating the Effects of Automated Vehicle Driving Operations on Road Emissions and Traffic Performance
    Christos Stogios, Marianne Hatzopoulou and Matthew Roorda

    Predictive Cordon Pricing to Reduce Air Pollution
    Shaghayegh Vosough and Hossain Poorzahedy

    Decarbonisation of Transportation: Insights into Vehicle Autonomy, Electrification and Sharing Implications for British Columbia, Canada
    Orhan Atabay, Curran Crawford and Ned Djilali

    15. Modeling Forecasting and Data Analysis

    Data Supply for Arnold and Beyond
    James Meyer

    Developing a Comprehensive Database of Alternative Fuel Station Locations across Canada and the United States of America
    Johanna Levene, Stephen Lommele, Robert Eger, Wendy Dafoe

    Assessing the Representativeness of Survey Respondents for Micro-Level Network Resilience Modeling
    Georgiana Madar and Hanna Maoh

    A Prospectus for Improved Long-Distance Travel Demand Models
    Eric J. Miller

    The Ron Rice Award for the Best Conference Paper

    16. Urban Freight

    Impact of E-commerce Logistics on Neighbourhoods and Communities in Peel Region, Ontario
    Deepa Mishra, Glareh Amirjamshidi, Elkafi Hassini and Matthew Roorda

    Rail service design for mixed passenger and freight transport
    Zhujun Li, Amer Shalaby, Matthew J. Roorda and Baohua Mao

    Including all Users: Measuring Commercial Vehicle Envelopes on Urban Streets
    Anne Goodchild, Ed McCormack, Manali Sheth and David Hurwitz

    17. Canadian Gateway Cities: Four Reflections on Transportation Infrastructure, Global Value Chains and Urban Governance

    Montreal: Value Chains, Economic Development and Urban Democracy
    Dorval Brunelle

    Innovation Corridors and the Golden Horseshoe: Transportation Challenges and the Emergence of a Shared Regional Vision
    Jean Michel Montsion

    Vancouver: Stabilizing the Gateway Infrastructure Coalition
    Peter Hall

    Towards a Systemic Approach to Global Value Chains and Democratic Governance in Halifax
    Claudia De Fuentes

    18. Railway Economics

    Comparing Two Competing Models to Measure Annual Productivity Growth Rates in the Canadian Railway Industry
    Hakan Andic

    Operating Ratio as a Measure of Railway Operating Efficiency
    Ryan Gallagher, François E.J. Tougas and Lucia Stuhldreier

    Observations on Railway Costing in Canada
    Mike Tretheway, Robert Andriulaitis and Jody Kositsky

    Impacts of High-speed Rail on Airlines and Airport traffic: A Survey of Recent Research
    Anming Zhang, Yulai Wan and Hangjun Yang

    19. Challenge and Opportunities for Rural and Far North Transportation

    The Northern Corridor Concept: A Connector Road from Northern Saskatchewan (La Loche, SK) to the Athabasca Oil Sands Region (Fort McMurray, AB)
    Chris G. Moser

    Hudson Bay railway and the Port of Churchill – A Balancing Act
    Paul D. Larson, Yufeng Lin and Adolf K. Y. Ng

    Regulating Maritime Occupational Health and Safety in Canadian Arctic Waters
    Desai Shan, Aldo Chircop and Barbara Neis

    Learning From Rural Innovation: What Can Volunteer Driver Programs Teach Us About Planning for Autonomous Vehicles?
    David Copp and Trevor Hanson

    20. Pricing and Economic Policy

    High Occupancy Toll Lanes: Hot or Not
    Angelo Pilla and Moataz Mohamed

    Assessing Transportation Equity: From Concept to Evaluation
    Adrian Lightstone, KarinBrundell-Freij, Sally Rudd and Lee Failing

    Innovative Methods Towards Building and Evaluating Congestion Charging Scenarios: The Case of Metro Vancouver
    Fearghal King, Adrian Lightstone, Daniel Firth and Reid Keller

    Building the Case for Performance-Based Pricing in Transportation - the Rationale for User Cost Pricing on Roads and Transit in Metro Vancouver
    Peter Lipscombe and Fearghal King

    21. Change and Challenge in the Maritime and Port Sector

    Governance and Engagement in Ocean Oil Spill Response Planning: International Comparisons with Planning in the Vancouver Region
    Trevor Heaver

    Legal Status of an Onshore Remote Controller of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships ("MASS") under the Canadian Maritime Law and IMO International Conventions
    Jinho Yoo and Desai Shan

    Assessing the Role of Port Efficiency as a Determinant of Maritime Transport Costs
    Qiao Lei and Chris Bachmann

    Port adaptation to climate change and capacity investments under Uncertainty
    Wenyi Xia and Robin Lindsey

    22. Transport Policy and Regulation

    A review of Canadian Transportation Developments in 2018
    Joseph Monteiro and Barry E. Prentice

    Western Canadian Grain Transportation and the Maximum Revenue Entitlement: Surveying the 17-Year Journey towards Regulatory Modernizations
    Steve Pratte

    Mobility as a Service: Governance Strategies for Impending Disruptions
    Alec Knowles, Blair Underhill, Ray Wong and Adrian Lightstone

    23. Transportation Infrastructure Investment and Operation - II

    Research on Transit Signal Priority Control Strategy Based On Real-Time Saturation Detection for a Single Intersection
    Tong Zhang, Baohua Mao, Qi Xu, Min Wang, Sijia Zhang and Yanqiang Yang

    Stochastic Forecasting Methods When Key Variables Are Politically Determined: Fuel Prices for Air Traffic and Ferry Forecasting
    Christopher Greer

    Estimating Airport Ground Transport Mode Choice Using Market Aggregate Data
    Wenyi Xia, Jong Hae Choi, Kun Wang and Anming Zhang

    Optimal Operations of an Automated Vehicle Parking Lot
    Sina Bahrami and Matthew Roorda

    Student Paper Competition Winners: 2018-2019

    Active Transportation Infrastructure – Examining Safety Implications and Effect on Modal Split
    Craig Davis

    Autonomous Shipping and Seaworthiness: How Emerging Technologies Will Affect the Carriage of Goods by Sea
    Ryan Bernard