Mahmudur Fatmi

Dr. Mahmudur Fatmi is a transportation professor at the University of British Columbia’s (UBC) Okanagan campus. He received his BSc in Civil Eng. from BUET, Bangladesh in 2011, and PhD in Civil Eng. from Dalhousie University in 2017. He joined UBC in 2018. He is the director of the UBC integrated Transportation Research (UiTR) laboratory. His research interest revolves around transportation demand modelling and simulation with a particular interest in understanding the interactions between transportation and land use, activity-based modelling, smart–shared–autonomous-micro-active transportation, agent-based microsimulation, and travel data collection. The central concept of his research is that transportation choices (e.g., travel mode), land use-related decisions (e.g., residential location choice), and the environment (e.g., transport emissions) are inter-connected. His findings assist in making effective transportation and land use policies and infrastructure investment decisions, and decarbonizing the transportation sector. He closely collaborates with municipal, provincial and federal government agencies, transit agencies and private sector. He is the member of the Climate Solutions Council – a legislative advisory body for the honorable minister of the Environment and Climate Change Strategy of BC, paper review co-ordinator for the Effects of ICT on Transportation Choices (AEP35) at TRB, and a member of the Transportation Planning Committee at TAC. He has received several awards for his research excellence such as researcher of the year by School of Engineering, best paper awards from CTRF and TAC, as well as for his service to the community such as Certificate of Appreciation from National Academies, USA.