Vijay Gill

Vijay is the Director of the Infrastructure Research Branch at the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure. In his current role, he is building the ministry’s research and analysis capacity to support evidence-based decision making regarding the prioritization of infrastructure investment in the province. Previously, Vijay was CPCS’s Assistant Vice President for North America. With CPCS he led or contributed to studies covering goods movement policies and strategies, transportation & logistics reliability freight investment benefits cost analysis and urban congestion measurement.

Before joining CPCS in January 2015 he was Director, Policy Research, Public Policy Division, for The Conference Board of Canada (CBoC). During his time with the CBoC, Vijay led several studies related to trucking industry labour supply and demand, rail freight productivity, transportation productivity and efficiency, grain transportation, railway competition, aviation policy, travel time savings, transportation infrastructure costs, infrastructure service delivery, urban agglomeration economies and transportation energy use.

Prior to joining the CBoC, Vijay was Senior Economist with the Economic Analysis directorate of Transport Canada, where he was primarily responsible for providing advice and analysis to the Policy Group within Transport Canada on all issues related to productivity, performance measurement, taxation and financial analysis. Vijay holds a B.A. (Economics and Political Science) from the University of Toronto and an M.B.A. from the Schulich School of Business, York University.