49th Annual Conference – 2014

CTRF 49th Annual Conference

Rethinking Canadian Transportation Policies in the Age of Globalization: Innovations in Planning, Infrastructure and Finance

Windsor, Ontario
June 1 - 4,  2014

Table of Contents

    Papers are organized by conference session.

    Sustainable Transportation

    Tor Oiamo and Isaac Luginaah
    Traffic Noise and Annoyance in Windsor, Ontario: Assessing the Effects of Urban Form and Border Transportation

    Lloyd Ash
    Measuring AM and PM Peak Hour Bus Idling at a Light Rail Transit Station in Calgary

    Maryam Shekarrizfard, Mark Goldberg and Marianne Hatzopoulou
    Application of a Transport and Emission Model in a Study of Air Pollution Exposure and Health Effects

    Transit Modeling and Policy

    Patty Toner
    Financing Options for Transit Infrastructure in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

    Tony Redington
    Commuter Rail Feasibility for Burlington, Vermont— A Small Metro Case Study

    Garland Chow
    Improving Taxi Regulation Through Performance Measurement

    Logistics & Supply Chain

    Jan Havenga, Anneke De Bod and Zane Simpson
    Deconstructing Container Forecasting: Commodity-Based Supply Chain Analysis

    Lawrence McKeown and Sylvain Ouellet
    Canadian Logistics Services: Measurement Issues and Opportunities

    Chris Bachmann, Chris Kennedy and Matthew Roorda
    A Framework for Analyzing the Effect of Global Trade Patterns on Domestic Freight Operations

    Surface Freight Transportation

    Georgiana Madar and Hanna Maoh
    A Micro-Approach to Understanding Urban Commercial Vehicle Movements: Preliminary Results From a Web-Based Establishment Survey

    Kevin Gingerich, Hanna Maoh and William Anderson
    Mining Freight Transportation Activity Location and Type Using a Large-Scale Passive GPS Dataset

    Mark Ferguson, Tom Lavery and Christopher Higgins
    Truck Generators and Attractors in the Province of Ontario

    Transport Policy

    S. Joel Carlson and Joseph Sussman - The Ron Rice Award for the Best Conference Paper Award
    Understanding Crude Oil Transport Strategies in North America

    Derek Scrafton
    A Long Term Perspective on the Nature and Pace of Transport Reform

    Md. Shohel Reza Amin and Md. Sharif
    The Policy Implications of Banning Non-Motorized Vehicles (NMVs) from the Arterial Road of Dhaka City

    Road Transportation Issues

    Umma Tamima and Luc Chouinard
    Simulation-Based Performance Evaluation of Redundant Evacuation Path

    Charles Burke, Darren Scott and Randy Bui
    The Identification of Partial Capacity Braess Paradoxes: Implications for Road Disinvestment

    Mehdi Nourinejad and Elli Maria Papaioannou
    Simulation of Winter Storms on a Transportation Corridor

    Road Traffic Analysis

    Adam Weiss, Mohamed Mahmoud, Peter Kucirek and Khandker Habib
    Developing a Dynamic Agent-Based Multimodal Traffic Assignment Model Lessons and Methods from a Case Study on the GTHA

    Chris Lee and Md. Sekender Khan
    Estimation of Lane-Specific Queue Length for Car-Truck Mixed Traffic at Signalized Intersections

    Umair Durrani, Chris Lee and Hanna Maoh
    Understating Differences Between Car and Truck Movements on Freeways Using Vehicle Trajectory Data

    Mohammad Hesam Hafezi and Muhammad Habib
    Bus Travel Time Optimization with Unequal Headway Pattern

    Cross-Border Transportation

    Xiaolei Guo, Hanna Maoh, Qi Li
    Modeling Truck Toll Competition Between Two Cross-Border Bridges Under Various Regimes

    Farshad Jarrahi and Walid Abdul-Kader
    Border-Crossing Delays Modeling and Analysis

    Christopher Aspila and Hanna Maoh
    Cross-Border Truck-Rail Mode Choice Analysis: An Application to the Manufacturing Sector in Ontario

    Gordon Baldwin
    Canadians Desire to go South in The Winter- Inelastic Demand?

    Finance & Governance

    Mary Brooks
    Port Investment and Container Shipping Markets: Lessons for Canada?

    Jan Havenga, Anneke De Bod and Zane Simpson
    South Africa's Emerging Rail Policy Environment: From Misguided Liberalization to Funding Imperatives

    Bradley Hull
    The All Water Route Europe/Great Lakes: Factors for Success

    Sofiane Laribi, Emmanuel Guy and Bruno Urli
    Cartes Cognitives Et Le Rôle Des Représentations Dans La Réévaluation De Politiques De Transport

    Urban Transport Planning

    Mark Ferguson, Matthias Sweet, Elnaz Haj Abotalebi and Pavlos Kanaroglou
    Issues in Understanding the Spatial Demand for Consumer Electric Mobility Across Canada

    Elnaz Haj Abotalebi, Mark Ferguson and Christopher Higgins
    Can Complete Streets Contribute to Urban Revitalization?

    Gui Lohmann and Barbara Yen
    Outbound Local Airport Passenger Travel Patterns and Behaviours

    Christopher Higgins, Matthias Sweet and Pavlos Kanaroglou
    Do Canadians Enjoy Congested Travel? How Commuting and Congestion Influence Commute and Life Satisfaction

    Transportation & Air Pollution

    Ahsan Alam and Marianne Hatzopoulou
    Capturing the Sensitivity of Transit Bus Emissions to Congestion, Grade, Passenger Loading, and Fuels

    Ahsan Alam and Marianne Hatzopoulou
    Understanding Transit Bus Emissions: Effects of Road Network and Trip Characteristics

    Matthew Adams, Scott Bennet, Niko Yiannakoulias and Pavlos Kanaroglou
    Does Walking or Cycling Provide the Lowest PM2.5 Air Pollution Dose During the Trip from Home to School for Children?

    Frederic Reynaud, Timothy Sider, Marianne Hatzopoulou and Naveen Eluru
    Incorporating Transport Emissions in Identifying Critical Links in the Transportation Network

    Enabling Technologies in Transportation

    Barry Prentice and Robert Knotts
    Cargo Airships: An International Status Report

    Robert Knotts and Barry Prentice
    Climate-Related Humanitarian Relief: A Mission for Cargo Airships

    Shakil Khan, Hanna Maoh, William Anderson and Chris Lee
    Assessing Advanced Non-Intrusive Data Acquisition Systems in Transportation Planning and Research

    Tyler George, Garreth Rempel and Jeanette Montufar
    Exploring Additive Manufacturing and its Potential Impacts on Freight Transportation

    Active & Green Transportation

    William Farrell, Scott Weichenthal, Mark Goldberg and Marianne Hatzopoulou
    A Statistical Examination of the Effects of the Built Environment on Cyclist Exposure to Air Pollution with a Regional Data Collection Exercise

    Ahsan Alam and Gordon Lovegrove
    Development of Collision Prediction Models and Quantifying the Road Safety Benefits of Transit Buses

    Fangzhou Su, Matthew Roorda and Eric Miller
    The Integration if Pedestrian-Vehicle Interaction into Vehicle Emission and Vehicle Dispersion Modelling

    Land Use & Transportation Modeling

    Adam Wenneman, Matthew Roorda and Khandker Habib
    Illegal Commercial Vehicle Parking, Parking Demand, and the Built Environment

    Muhammad Habib, Nicholas Shaw and Niki Siabanis
    Modeling Residential Location of the Elderly Population in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, Canada

    Justin Forbes and Muhammad Habib
    Investigation of Pedestrian Collisions and Injury Severity levels in the Halifax Regional Municipality

    CTRF 2012-2013 Student Paper Competition Award Winning Papers

    Past President's Award, Undergraduate Category
    Michael McConnell, University of Waterloo
    Port Whitby Transportation Demand Analysis

    Albert Stevens Award, Master’s Category
    Coady A. Cameron, University of New Brunswick
    Municipal Pavement Management Practices in Canada

    Jim Davey Award, Ph.D. Category
    Chris Higgins, McMaster University
    Light Rail, Land Use Change, and Image-Led Planning: A Comparative Review and Critical Assessment of Hamilton, Ontario