45th Annual Conference – 2010

CTRF 45th Annual Conference

Transportation and Logistics Trends and Policies: Successes and Failures

May 30 - June 2, 2010
Courtyard Marriott Downtown Toronto, Toronto Ontario

Table of Contents

    Papers & Presentations

    Papers and Presentations are organized by conference session. Conference presentations are posted with the authors' permission. Only those which are available and for which we have permission to post, are actively linked to the presentation.

    Opening Plenary Session - Presentations Only: Canadian Transportation and Logistics Trends and Policies

    Moderator: Doug Johnson, President CTRF


     Session I: Active Transportation I

     Session 1.2 Motor Vehicle Safety I

     Session 1.3 Transportation and Supply Chains

     Session 2.1 Active Transportation II

     Session 2.2 Gateways & Corridors

     Session 2.3 Benchmarking and Statistics

     Session 3.1 Road Congestion and Emissions

     Session 3.2 Marine Transport

    Session 3.3 Safety and Dangerous Goods

    1. Michèle Provencher - Risk Analysis in the Rail Transport of Dangerous Goods: How to Best Avoid Releases
    2. Hossam Abdelgawad , Baher Abdulhai - Planning for Emergency Evacuation: Are Large Canadian Cities Ready?
    3. Douglas Kube - Air Canada’ Pilot Health Program: A Commitment to Safety and Employee Engagement

    Panel Session: Planning for Goods Movement: The Continental Gateway Strategy, Urban Goods Movement and Borders

    Moderator: James Perttula, Ministry of Transportation of Ontario

    • Claude Sirois, Ministry of Transportation of Quebec
    • Lisa Salsberg, Metrolinx
    • Tony Shallow, Transport Canada

    Session 4.1 Freight Logistics

    Session 4.2 Industry Structure and Competition

    Session 4.3 Transportation Modelling

    Session 5.1 Motor Vehicle Safety II

    Session 5.2 Policy and Transportation Trends

    Session 5.3 Transport Economics

    Panel Session: Freight Rail Service Review – Preliminary Findings

    Moderator: Nick Mulder, Global Public Affairs

    • Joseph Schulman, CPCS Transcom
    • Shauntelle Paul, Canadian National Railway
    • Bob Ballantyne, Canadian Industrial Transportation Association

    Session 6.1 Mode Choice

    Session 6.2 Surface Transport

    Session 6.3 Urban Transit