47th Annual Conference – 2012

CTRF 47th Annual Conference

Sustainable Transportation: Economic, Social and Environmental Perspectives

June 3 - 6, 2012
Mount Royal University
Calgary, Alberta

Table of Contents

    Papers & Presentations

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    Opening Plenary Session: Sustainable Transportation. Economic, Social and Environmental Perspectives

    Moderator: Vijay Gill, President CTRF


    • James Clements, Vice President of Strategy and Yield, Canadian Pacific Railway
    • Ralph Wettstein, President, Canadian Freightways
    • Cam Kenyon, Executive Vice-President of Operations, WestJet
    • Don Mulligan, Director of Transportation Planning, City of Calgary

    Session I: Sustainable Transport I

    Chair: Michelle Rutty

     Session II : Supply Chain Management

    Chair: Barry E. Prentice

    Session III : Passenger Transportation I

    Chair: Garland Chow

    Session IV: Sustainable Transport II

    Chair: Matthew Roorda

    Session V: Panel Discussion- Identifying a Canadian Transportation Research Agenda

    Chair: Marc-André Roy


    • Federal Perspective: Sandi London, Transport Canada
    • Provincial Perspective: Andrew Elliot, MTO
    • National Industry Perspective: Paul Clegg, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Research, CP
    • Local Industry Perspective: Sean Baker, Calgary Logistics Council and Truck Carrier

    Session VI: Passenger Transportation II

    Chair: Kristian Larsen

    Session VII: Optimizing Infrastructure

    Chair: Robin Lindsey

    Session VIII: Maritime & Port Issues I

    Chair: Michael C. Ircha

     Session IX: Aviation & Airports

    Chair: James Frost

     Plenary Session:The Pipeline & Maritime Transportation of Canadian Energy Products – Market Access & Sustainability Perspectives

    Moderator: Darryl Anderson, Wave Point Consulting


    • Mike Ekelund, Alberta Energy
    • Nancy Berard-Brown, Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers
    • Murray Fraser, Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline
    • Joseph Spears, The Horseshoe Bay Marine Group

    Session X: Railway Issues I

    Chair: Malcolm Cairns

    Session XI: Panel Discussion - Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) Supply Initiatives For Major Projects

    Chair: Jean Patenaude


    • Ken Mackinnon, Traffic & Logistics Director, Fluor Canada Ltd
    • Kevan M. Bon Bernard, Material Management, Fluor Canada Ltd.

    Session XII: Trucking Issues

    Chair: Paul D. Larson

    Session XIII: Railway Issues II

    Chair: Dale McKeague

    • Siobhán O'Sullivan, François Tougas - Running Rights and the Public Interest
    • Malcolm Cairns - Review of the Issue of Access to Rail Infrastructure: International Practice and Recent Experiences

    These two presentations were followed by an Open Discussion on the Issue of Rail Running Rights and Access

     Session XIV: Maritime and Port Issues II

    Chair: K. Joseph Spears

    Session XV: Governance/Management I

    Chair: Benjamin Atkinson

    Plenary Session: Post Secondary Education in Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Management in Canada

    Moderator: Kevin Maynard , CSCSC


    • Dr. Ben Atkinson, Mount Royal University School of Policy Studies
    • Dr Mary Brooks, Dalhousie University
    • Brian Fleming, Mount Royal University Bissett School of Business
    • Dr Lina Kattan, Schulich School of Engineering, University of Calgary
    • Robin Lindsey, University of British Columbia Sauder School of Business
    • Dr Barry Prentice, University of Manitoba

    Session XVI: Governance/Management II

    Chair: Xiaolei Guo

    Session XVII: Open Forum on Getting Published in your Journal of Choice

    ModeratorDr. Mary R. Brooks, Editor, Research in Transportation Business and Management, Dalhousie University


    This open session will be of interest to all academics, newly credentialed and seasoned, who want to discuss the future of publishing, why editors and reviewers accept (and reject) your manuscripts, and the strategies that will work to improve your paper acceptance rate.

    Student Paper Competition Winner

    Albert Steven's Award - Master's Level
    Kathleen Gallagher, University of Waterloo
    Curitiba: Over-hyped or Aptly Described