48th Annual Conference – 2013

CTRF 48th Annual Conference

North American Competitiveness in Global Trade:
The Role of Transportation

Halifax, Nova Scotia
June 10 - 12,  2013

Table of Contents

    Papers are organized by conference session.

    Freight & Goods Movement

    Garland Chow
    How Competitive is Canada’s Freight System?

    M.G. Foomani, L. Amador, A.H. Khodabakhshi
    Multi-objective Speed Optimization for Heavy Good Vehicles in Interrupted Transportation Network

    Air Pricing & Productivity

    Alexander Gregory
    The Productivity Performance of the Canadian Airline Industry
    Jeffrey Peter, Lawrence McKeown
    Factors Influencing Airline Passenger Fares in Canada
    Laura Adkins-Hackett
    Cost of taking off: An Emperical Study on the Determinants of Air Fares in Canada

    Finance & Investment

    Barry Prentice, Nirbir Grewal, Bryce Doell, Matt Adaman
    Cargo Airships Versus all Weather Roads – A Cost Comparison

    Christopher Wright
    Ferries and the Economy of South West Nova Scotia

    Hanna Maoh, William Anderson, Shakil Khan
    Assessing the Impacts of a Major Highway Infrastructure Project: The Windsor-Essex Parkway

    Borders & Gateways

    Jake M. Kosior, David Lettner
    Innovations in Travel Demand Forecasting for Land-based Ports of Entry

    David Lettner, Jake M. Kosior -  The Ron Rice Award for the Best Conference Paper
    A Level of Service Framework for Evaluating Port of Entry Performance

    Juan Carlos Villa
    Freight Corridors and Gateways: Development Approach and Evaluation Criteria Comparison in North America and the European Union

    Motor Carrier Issues

    Ralph Craft
    Determining Motor Carrier Accountability for Crashes in the United States

    Malvika Rudra, Matthew J. Roorda
    Truck-only Lanes on Urban Arterials: A Value of Time Approach

    Toka S. Mostafa, Matthew J. Roorda, Taha H. Rashidi
    A Structural Equation Model of Commercial Vehicle Ownership

    Roadway Management

    Denis Paradis, James Christie, Eric Hildebrand
    Implications for Traffic Sign Management Given Proposed Minimum Retroreflectivity Guidelines for Canada

    Md. Shohel Reza Amin, Luis Amador, William Reimer, Umma Tamima
    Prediction of Inter-provincial Trade Flow Traffic to Support Multicriteria Pavement Management

    Shipping Opportunities

    Manon Turmel, Emmanuel Guy, Frédéric Lasserre
    Marine Carriers’ Business Model and Development in the Canadian Arctic

    Mark Hemmes
    Containerization of Bulk Products: The Case of Grain in Canada

    Barry Prentice, Jake Kosior
    Containerization of Grain: Theory and Practice

    Rail Service & Costing

    André Pretto, Joseph F. Schulman
    Understanding “reasonableness” in Rail Level-of-Service Disputes

    Paul R. Sando
    Railroads, Adaptability, Competition and the Shuttle Train (or Food, Crude and the Railroads)

    Ryan Gallagher, François E.J. Tougas
    The Disclosure of Rail Carrier Costing Information

    Traffic Flow Issues

    Gordon G. Baldwin
    Some Observations on Illegal U-turn Activity

    Md. Shohel Reza Amin, Ciprian Alecsandru, Luis Esteban Amador-Jiménez
    Micro-simulation of Gap Acceptance by Turning Vehicles at a Signalized Intersection in a University Campus

    Xiaolei Guo
    Sequential Toll Implementation to Guide Network Flow Evolution Under Bounded Rationality

    Sustainability & Climate Change

    Bradley Hull
    The St Lawrence Seaway: An Efficient but Rarely Used Route

    Ana Yanes, Grant Guenther
    Allocating Carbon Emissions From Oceangoing Vessels

    Adolf K.Y. Ng
    A Theoretical Discussion on Climate Change, Port Adaptation Strategies and Institutions


    Malcolm Cairns
    Part 1: Crude Oil by Rail: Potential for the Movement of Alberta Oil Sands Crude Oil and Related Products by Canadian Railways
    Part 2: Crude Oil by Rail: Potential for the Movement of Alberta Oil Sands Crude Oil and Related Products by Canadian Railways

    Claude Sirois, Jean-François Arsenault
    Multimodal Study on Freight Transportation in Quebec

    Societal Impacts

    Ronald D. Copeland, Louis A. Le Blanc
    Online Vehicle Auctions: eBay, AutoTrader, Craigslist and Beyond

    Georgiana Madar, Hanna Maoh
    Vehicle Type Choice and Demographic Relationships: An Application to the Windsor Region, Ontario, Canada

    David Stambrook
    Obesity and Urban Transport

    Canadian Freight Transportation Research Program (CFTRP)

    Mehdi Nourinejad, Adam Wenneman, Khandker, Nurul Habib, Matthew J. roorda
    Truck Parking in Urban Areas: Application of Choice Modelling Within Traffic Mcirosimulation

    Student Paper Winners

    Undergraduate Category
    Cory Boles, University of British Columbia
    Reducing Bus Dwell Times by Shifting the Location of Payment (Reprinted from the 2012 CTRF Annual Conference Proceedings)

    Master's Category
    Justin Tyndall, University of Victoria
    Game Theoretic Approaches to Urban Traffic Planning

    Doctoral Category
    Eradius Rwakarehe, University of New Brunswick
    Review of Traffic Congestion Mitigation Measures: Their Applicability in African Cities

    Presented at the Atlantic Provinces Transportation Forum

    William P. Anderson and Sarah M. Dunphy
    Economic Development Around Intermodal Facilities in Canada